Our Mission

The purpose of the Michigan Nature Association is to acquire, protect and maintain natural areas that contain examples of Michigan endangered and threatened flora, fauna, and other components of the natural environment, including habitat for fish, wildlife and plants of the state of Michigan and to carry on a program of natural history study and conservation education.

From Bold Beginnings

Under the visionary leadership of Bertha Daubendiek, what started seven decades ago as a small bird study group became a statewide land conservation organization. From that bold beginning, MNA members, donors and volunteers built a remarkable statewide network of more than 180 nature sanctuaries across Michigan.       

Saving our Natural Treasures

Michigan is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty. Surrounded by such beauty, it is easy to overlook what is being lost as landscapes around us change and habitat is fragmented. 

MNA is dedicated to permanently protecting land that provides critical habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species and natural communities.