Visit an MNA sanctuary!

The following rules apply to visits to MNA sanctuaries. Any exceptions will be indicated in the sanctuary's management plan and noted at the sanctuary entrance, as applicable:

  1. Foot traffic only. Handicapped individuals may use personal non-motorized or motorized vehicles at their own risk on existing trails where permitted so long as they do not cause damage to the natural features of the sanctuary. With advance, express MNA permission, certain vehicles may be used for sanctuary management and other purposes.
  2. Please stay on the trails and respect the sanctuary. Please remember that your behavior today will affect future generations' opportunities to enjoy nature at MNA sanctuaries.
  3. Picking, digging, or collecting of plants, flowers, parts of plants, seeds, and mushrooms is not allowed on MNA sanctuaries except with advance written permission of the Stewardship Coordinator. Federal and state laws also prohibit the collection of some plants.
  4. Pets and other domestic animals are prohibited on MNA sanctuaries unless posted as permitted at the sanctuary trailhead. If the sanctuary allows pets, the pet must be on a leash or harness at all times. Trained service dogs are generally permitted.
  5. Please do not disturb or molest wildlife in the sanctuary.
  6. Please take out with you whatever you brought into the sanctuary. If you see litter in the sanctuary, please pick it up and take it with you.
  7. No camping.
  8. No swimming.
  9. No fishing.
  10. Hunting and trapping are not allowed on any MNA sanctuaries, unless receive special permission through an agreement.
  11. Please park in designated parking areas, if available; otherwise, park safely off of roads adjacent to the sanctuaries.
  12. Please respect our neighbors. Please do not trespass onto neighboring property or block neighbor ingress or egress to their property.
  13. Sanctuary-specific rules or exceptions exist at some sanctuaries. Please follow any sanctuary-specific rules listed on signs and designated in individual management plans.