Restoration and Renewal

As Michigan's landscapes change and more and more of our state's natural areas become fragmented, MNA continues the work of restoration and renewal necessary to protect Michigan's unique natural heritage.

MNA Stewards work to restore habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species on MNA sanctuaries, like the Michigan monkey-flower, the Karner blue butterfly, the Massassauga rattlesnake, and other vulnerable species.

Join the Team: Become an MNA Steward

Becoming a steward is a great way to feel connected to nature is often a very rewarding experience for those involved. Doing your part to help protect Michigan's natural areas has never been easier, since the minimum requirement is to visit a nature sanctuary once per year and report on its condition through the monitor report below. The ideal steward leads field trips and educational events, marks boundaries, and maintains trails at the sanctuary. If you are interested in becoming a steward, please contact MNA Conservation Director Andrew Bacon by email at or by calling our office at (866) 223-2231.

Documents for Stewards

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