Monday, Oct 9, 2023

We are excited to announce the winners in this year’s Annual Photo Contest. This year’s photo contest saw hundreds of entries from dozens of photographers. After much deliberation, the photo contest judges selected the winners based on their photographic and ecological qualities. The winning photographers will be honored with a framed print of their winning photo, and their photo will be featured in future MNA publications.


Congratulations to the following winners, and thank you to all who entered this year! These beautiful photos help us tell the story of why Michigan is so worth protecting and preserving for future generations.


Category: Flora & Fauna

Honorable Mention, “Fringed Gentian” by Patrick Dennen

a blue flower with water droplets on the petals

3rd Place, Salamander by Ashley Keesling

salamander among leaves

2nd Place, Jumping Spider on Philadelphia Fleabane by William Rowan

a spider on white flower petals

1st Place, “Massasauga” by Caleb Krueger

closeup detail of snake scales


Category: Landscapes

Honorable Mention, Fort Custer Recreation Area by Laurie Jacobson

a tree with red leaves over a body of water

3rd Place, “Black Creek Summer” by Ashley Keesling

a body of water with overgrown brush

2nd Place, Wagner Falls by Deborah Bondar

ice and snow over a rocky waterfall

1st Place, “Yankee Springs” by Glen Robertson

overhead view of a small island surrounded by water


Category: People in Nature

Honorable Mention, “Men at Play” by Mary Zednik

three people stand on a path with cameras

3rd Place, Alton D. McGaw Memorial Plant Preserve by Kathy Van Peteghem

a person walks through a tree-lined path

2nd Place, “Blueberry Ridge” by Suzanne Williams

a snow-covered path with ski-tracks leading to a person

1st Place, Columbus County Park by Glen Robertson

a person walking along a path through mist


Overall Winner

East Branch of the Fox River by Ken Jacobsen

mist rises over a body of water at sunrise